Who we are

Seven years ago we saw the potential for cryptocurrency to revolutionise how people buy, sell, spend and invest in money. BitQuoine OTC have invested in ICOs and Bitcoin mining farm start-ups globally.

With our trusted background and proven track record, it is our objective to help people understand and benefit from this ground breaking technology.

Start your investment journey today.


We are a one-stop shop for businesses, investors and individuals who are looking to take advantage of the fast-moving cryptocurrency sector.

BitQuoine OTC has a depth of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology.

With unrivalled experience we help people buy, sell, store and invest across more than 1,500 currencies.


Private & Secure

purchase Bitcoins safe & securely.

Same-Day Settlement

immediate trade settlement – most trade/tranche settled on confirmation of payment.

Deep Liquidity

Wide network of trading partners across many countries.

Low Fees

Flat rate fees per transaction. No crypto withdrawal fees.

Our services

Client Support

We pride ourselves on our first-rate client support. Immediately contactable, fast email replies and informative conversations. We are a trusted face and voice in the digital world of cryptocurrency.

Security & Setup

Security of clients’ cryptocurrency is paramount. Our process in setting up new clients on their cryptocurrency investment journey follows the highest protocol of secure private wallets, cold storage and best practice advice. We also offer a guaranteed cold holding service on a six-month basis.

OTC Trading Desk

We offer a market advisory and management service as well as an OTC trading desk for individual investors and institutions, looking to take advantage of our off-market service.

Our OTC desk is ideal for experienced investors and organisations that do not need guidance in the cryptocurrency market. We offer a trading desk capable of fulfilling even large positions, securely and with the benefit of locked-in prices and optimal rates.


For many clients new to buying cryptocurrency it can be daunting and overwhelming experience with so many new things to learn. That’s why we have created a safe and practical process to start your cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

Our minimum transaction level is $250000.

Initial Contact and Requirements

The first step is a scheduled phone call to understand your requirements or needs for starting your Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency investment and assess your objectives, risk appetite and tolerance whilst explaining how our team can help deliver exactly what you need.


On-boarding and Compliance

In line with our code of ethics and to provide you with a trusted and safe service we will send clients our AML and KYC documents to complete. These documents ensure that we match the processes and standards of other regulatory bodies. All information received is held securely and is 100% confidential.

Approval and Buy Sell options

On successful application of our AML/KYC controls we will agree on a quote/ discounted buy-sell rate and then begin the process of transferring your fiat currency (GBP, USD, EUR) into Bitcoin and subsequent cryptocurrencies. This process requires entering Bitcoin Purchase Agreement.


Engagement and Settlement

Upon Purchase Agreements signed between BitQuoine OTC and Buyer; Both parties will engage and settle transactions via our bank and/or Escrow Attorney. For Escrow terms please contact OTC Trade Desk or submit inquiry.

Security and Set Up

Once the investment has been converted, we securely transfer the cryptocurrency holding into the agreed wallets. Typically, for an additional fee, we provide a holding service for new investors wanting to avoid onerous and burdensome set up processes whilst leveraging our experience in safe cryptocurrency handling.


Our minimum purchase is 250K . Our buy and sell rates can be found here

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new space in financial investments and can fluctuate widely. Please take a moment to read our Risk Warning when considering a cryptocurrency investment.

If you are completely new to cryptocurrency and would like some idea of the current exchange rate between Bitcoin and your currency of choice (GBP, USD, EUR) just type in your expected investment level for a quick conversion at the current rate.

BTC calculator:


BitQuoine OTC fees

In line with our self-regulated stance we are completely transparent with our fee structure.

Minimum Investment

Maximum Investment

KYC/AML Required

BitQuoine OTC Fee

Custody Charge

Secure Transfer Fee

Withdrawl Fee

Buying Crypto







Selling Crypto







Holding Crypto




$200 + 1%




Please complete the form below and a member of our OTC trading team will contact you shortly. Please note that all trades on the BitQuoine OTC trading desk start at a minimum of 250,000 USD. Using our buy or sell service means that the client remains anonymous and all transaction data is confidential and secure.

If you are looking to buy or sell your Bitcoin (BTC) or Cryptocurrency – we can sell it for you at very competitive rates. Please register your interest below.

BitQuoine Mining Investments

We offer an opportunity for our members to invest in our growing bitcoin mining datacenter using the latest mining equipment (currently the AntMiner S9) which is set up at our mining facilities in Iceland and Asia. We have different pricing options that are aimed to accommodate a wide range of Bitcoin mining investment capital.

By using clean hydroelectric and geothermal power which offers electricity tariffs cheaper than anywhere in the world, coupled with the much-required cooling that is fully natural and doesn’t rely on additional energy, overheads are kept to a minimum, retaining most of the mining profits for our members.




100,000 GH/S

SHA-256 Algorithm Asic Hardware 100% Uptime guarantee 1 Year Contract 24-hour Support ( Email / Live Chat)




250,000 GH/S

SHA-256 Algorithm Asic Hardware 100% Uptime guarantee 1 Year Contract 24-hour Support ( Email / Live Chat)




350,000 GH/S

SHA-256 Algorithm Asic Hardware 100% Uptime guarantee 1 Year Contract 24-hour Support ( Email / Live Chat)

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